Each year Rizzo's Pizzeria receives many  requests donations/advertising, with almost every request being valid and worthwhile. Please understand that it is impossible to adequately fill every request we receive. Thus, we have had to primarily limit our favorable replies to those in the immediate area, though exceptions are occasionally made. If it is determined that Rizzo's Pizzeria will support your event, you will be contacted via the information provided on your request. Requests are required a minimum of six weeks in advance of the date of the event. Requests should be specific as to the purpose and date of the event being held and include contact information should we have any further questions. Requests should also include the event flyer, sponsorship flyer, or other information for your event.

Deliver requests to:
Rizzo's Pizzeria Attn: Donations/Sponsors 76 S Main St Franklinville, NY 14737
Email: rizzospizza18@gmail.com
All requests must be sent via one of the following methods and include this page: In person, mail, or email

Donation/Sponsor Request Form

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