Student Employee Program

Our first class is in session. Our next class will begin in May 2020.

The application deadline is Monday April 5th 2021.

What is it?

  • Rizzo’s Youth Employment Program is a great opportunity for students that offers both paid job experience and monthly core-skill development sessions.  

Who’s Eligible?

  • This program is designed for high-school students aged 14-18; college students are eligible to apply as well.
  • Students must have working papers

How Many Students Will Be Selected?

  • 4-8 students will be accepted
  • Each group will consist of a variety of age groups. A maximum of two 14-year old students will be accepted.

How Do I Apply?

  • Apply by submitting the application form at the bottom of this page
  • Applicants will be accepted through October 3rd
  • Applicants will be interviewed and selected. If you are not selected for this program, your application will be saved, and you will be eligible for the next program start date.

Program Duration:

  • This is a 6-month program that involves working 1-3 shifts per week and 1 development session per month.
  • Employment may continue after program completion if participant is interested depending on work availability.

Program Details:

  • This program consists of paid job experience and 1 unpaid group development session per month
    • Students 14 years old are required to work a minimum of one, three-hour shift per week. Students 15 years and older are required to work a minimum of two shifts per week. Outside commitments such as sports, school groups, extracurriculars, etc. can be worked around but must be communicated at time of applying for program so a regular schedule can be created that provides all attendees with adequate shifts. If a participant needs a regularly scheduled day off, they must provide adequate notice and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. This will be discussed in detail during orientation.
    • Group development sessions will be 1 ½ hours in duration. The date & time of these will be determined and communicated once participants have been selected.  The purpose of development sessions is to teach core skills that participants can use in everyday life for years to come. Each session will have a theme and consist of a lesson, group activity, and guest speaker.

Benefits of Program Completion:            

  • Paid job experience & possible continued employment after program completion
  • Professional training on various topics
  • Starting with the 2021 graduating class, each student who successfully completes Rizzo’s Employment program will be eligible to apply for the “Rizzo’s Pizzeria Student Employee Scholarship”. Minimum scholarship amount will be $100, and number of awardees will be based on eligible applicants.
  • Upon completion of the program, a small celebration will be held for participants.
Student Program Application

Student Program Application

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